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Horses - Diet and Nutrition/excess protein shots - affects performers health


hello ma'am. how are you? dont horses suffer from health issues if they are always on protein shots? our local racehorse trainers are greedy people. their motto is to fool the public and make tons of money. they feed less, train less, give less lay off to horses with more protein shots

Hello Caine,

I'm not sure what type of 'protein shot' you are referring to, if its feed, liquid or an injection.  So I don't know that I can speak to the practice specifically or make a judgement on intent.

From a nutritional perspective, protein is important for performance.  Protein is the building block for muscle and more muscle means more power for performance.  But too much of a good thing is not a good thing.  When you feed more protein than an animal can use to build muscle, the excess protein in the bloodstream can cause metabolic disorders until it can be eliminated from the body.  Coming back to your previous question, the amount of any nutrient you feed should be based on what your horse needs.  Feed to meet requirements and avoid excesses.


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