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Horticulture/Aloe Vera as a Fertiliser Substitute


Hello Susan, I am wondering whether the use of aloe vera juice as a substitute for fertiliser is a beneficial move or does it damage/affect the grow of plants?

Thank you :)

Hi Jessica,

I would first try using it as a supplement, rather than a substitute.  If you're trying to go organic, use planttone, or another organic fertilizer, which is balanced in nutrients.  I have read that aloe vera juice is beneficial for darn near everything.  Cancer and vd spring to mind.  

What is the NPK analysis of the product you are using?  What are you trying to grow?  Is it in a pot or in the ground? Inside or outside?  Does it receive optimum water?  Does it like the dirt it's in?  Is it in the right light and temperature?  Yes, food matters greatly to plants, but they can't even use fertilizer if the other things are wrong.  While Aloe Vera may be beneficial, I don't believe it's a universal panacea, or a substitute for good gardening.


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