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Dear Susan,
I have purchased 2 Weeping Caragana arborescens 'Walker' to be grown in pots by the front door of our house.  I live in Bavaria (Hardiness Zone 6).  Can you kindly suggest the size of pots I should purchase (height and width)?  The trees are approximately 1.25 metres tall and have a few branches hanging down, but I don't know how big the root system gets, and I wish to leave them outside all year round.

Thank you,

Hi Judy,

Root growth is commensurate with top growth.  A 4 ft. tall plant will generally require a pot that is 18-22 inches in diameter.  Here is the thing about growing in pots - ideally, the plant has room to grow, but not so much that it is unable to quickly use the water it's given.  Plants in pots too big for them get rot problems.  If the pot is too small, it's difficult to keep the plant watered.  I would choose a pot that is one and a half times the depth of the root ball, and maybe 3 inches bigger in diameter.  


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