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QUESTION: What variety of Portulaca has blooms that stay open the longest during the day?

ANSWER: Hi Lana,

Panam seed did a study on photoperiod requirements on several varieties of Portulaca.  I've included a link below.  It seems that the Happyhour series blooms under shorter days (10.5 hrs).  Tequila is reputed to only need 10 hrs 15 min., so it could be planted a week earlier. Margarita needs 12-13 hrs.  The rest, like Sundial, Toucan, etc, fall in the middle.

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QUESTION: Thank you for this answer.  My concern is not so much how soon the seeds can be sown each year, but rather which variety holds the blooms for the longest period each day.  The Portulaca that I have growing in my beds right now open up each day completely by around 9:00 am, even though the plants are in full sun starting around 7:00 am.  Then they close completely by around 1:00 pm, even though the plants are in full sun until much later in the day, until around 6:00 or 7:00 pm.  So I can only enjoy the blooms from 9:00 to 1:00.  The remainder of the day, there is only foliage showing, --no blooms.  So my question is which variety can I plant next year that holds blooms longer during the day, each and every day?  Thanks.

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I found at least a partial answer from Melinda Myers.  I'll share the link below.  She lists "Sundance", Sundial, and Afternoon Delight as the varieties which stay open longer during the day.  Hope this helps!  I would also think that the ones requiring the most photoperiod hours would be open longest.,com_kb/Itemid,2323/article,89/task,




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