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I just received two blooming mylar plants.  After they finish blooming, can I plant the two bulbs in a front flower bed which receives sun all day?  We have dwarf Bonanza peach trees and many daffodils in that bed which do well in the Phoenix, AZ heat.  The soil is basically caliche, so I usually plant all plants in potting mix.  Thank you for your answer.

Hi Ruth,

Hyacinth bulbs grow well with daffodils.  The daffodil bulbs may actually deter mice, squirrels, etc., that would otherwise dig and eat the mylar bulbs.  If you're growing peaches, then you probably get enough chilling hours for the bulbs to re-bloom next year without having to dig and refrigerate them.  Hyacinths do have a relatively short life span - about 3 or 4 years, and the big, double flowers may likely become less showy single ones. They will produce bulblets, but these take several years to bloom.  Make sure to leave the foliage until it turns brown before removing it as it provides food for next years bloom.
Thanking you,
Susan Tabor


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