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We purchased several Red Salvia plants from a local nursery and they seem to be losing their blooms.  When we first got them they we beautiful, but now they are a faded red, and most of them are gone completely.  Why is this and can will they come back?

Hi Richard,

Are they in pots, or in the ground?  Salvia likes to be on the dry side.  Here in Louisiana, we've had a lot of rain lately, and ours is looking puny, too.  They get a stem rot with excess water.  It looks like brown or black lesions on the stems.
Copper soap (there are several brand names, ie, Bonide, Fertilome, etc) will arrest it, but the question is whether it's worth the money to treat it, or cheaper to just get new plants.  

Anyway, try to let the soil dry between waterings, and give them some plant food designed for blooming - the middle number of the fertilizer should be the highest: 9-59-8, or 12-55-6, 10-30-10, etc.  The middle number is phosphorous, which also promotes root growth, so if the plants are weak, that should help them, too.


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