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Hospice Care/Morphine not for pain


P wrote at 2013-04-03 01:42:27
I dont know how old thus post is but hospice came in and did the same exact thing to my grandmother. She has a stomache anurism growing over a patched one and is to old to b a canidate for surgey so the dictirs advised hospice .. She was happy and bubbly until she had a gi bleed thriw up Nd they put her on morphine she turned  non responsive wiuld not eat and slept days the hospice nurse team krpt coming in saying she was near tge end this is normal but i refused to acept tgat just a few days ago she was diffrent i called 911 breaking my hospice agreement but saving my gmas life i signed with a new hospice that swit he her to a fentynol patch and she dlowey but surley came bac around to her bubbly self i am against morphine sorry for the grammer..

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I can give suggestions, encouragement and direction on what hospice is and is not, when it is appropriate, and how to go about getting it. I am familiar with Medicaid and Medicare hospice benefits. I can answer general questions about disease process, what dying looks like, how hospice handles pain and other symptoms, what to expect from a hospice when end of life nears. I can provide support, direction and encouragement related to spiritual matters and psychological matters related to death and dying.


I am a certified hospice and palliative care nurse, and have been the director of nurses for three hospice centers, under two different companies. I have also worked as a contract hospice nurse for a large American hospice company. On a personal level, my father died without benefit of hospice (it was not popular then). I have taken care of dying patients in hospitals and recognize that for most of us, it is preferable to die at home (or in our residence, wherever that may be), comfortably and without anxiety. Also I had no support when my father died; hospice clients are the whole family (however that is defined by the "patient"), and support is provided at least a year after the patient passes. These are the sorts of things (and probably others) that I can help with.

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Registered Nurse (TX), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (TX) ADN Nursing, Excelsior College, Albany, New York (2004) 4.0 GPA BA, Psychology (minor Social Work), Oklahoma University, Norman, OK (1986) 3.67 GPA MHR (MA) Human Relations, Oklahoma University, Norman, OK (1988) 3.5 GPA

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