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Hospice Care/change of eye colour before death


malonski wrote at 2010-03-12 01:16:29
My Dad passed away one week ago, this day.  He had brown eyes his whole life....I noticed that his eye color was a hazel or light blue in the past few weeks before he died..wish I noticed the change sooner, but his eye color did change before he died...

Shelley Gutta wrote at 2010-03-15 04:40:07
My grandmother passed away January 7, 2010. She was diagnosed with senile dementia in June 2009. Her eyes had always been brown.  I was so surprised when I noticed they had turned a gorgeous blue.  I was even more surprised when they returned to brown.  The month, possibly 6 weeks, prior to  her death, her eyes would change from brown to grey to blue.  

Tom wrote at 2010-03-25 18:36:08
My Grandmother died at 102 years of age just last Sunday morning.  The Tuesday prior I visited with her in one of her last lucent moments.  She had brown eyes her entire life, but on my visit, she had blue eyes.  I noted it as it was burned in my mind, the eye-to-eye contact we had, and mentioned it to my Mom later.  She said that my Grandmother had always had brown eyes.  I have no explanation.

Donna wrote at 2010-09-08 10:01:31
My niece is in her finals days of her long battle with colon cancer. I have been staying with her to help her in her wish to pass at home. She has been bed ridden for the past 3 weeks,and I have noticed that her green/brown eyes are a steel/ice blue when she is at rest. She does not close her eyes completely while sleeping and sometimes her eyes seem to glow with this beautiful blue color. The thing is her eyes are her normal color when she is awake and functioning well.It's mind boggling to witness this transformation.

Babs wrote at 2012-04-26 21:41:02
My Daddy passed away 2 weeks ago after a5 yr battle with lung cancer and copd. Two weeks before he died his radiant blue eyes turned green. No one could explain it to me either.

daddysgirl wrote at 2012-10-18 04:17:26
My dad's eyes changed from black to light grey a few days before he went to his eternal home.  

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I can give suggestions, encouragement and direction on what hospice is and is not, when it is appropriate, and how to go about getting it. I am familiar with Medicaid and Medicare hospice benefits. I can answer general questions about disease process, what dying looks like, how hospice handles pain and other symptoms, what to expect from a hospice when end of life nears. I can provide support, direction and encouragement related to spiritual matters and psychological matters related to death and dying.


I am a certified hospice and palliative care nurse, and have been the director of nurses for three hospice centers, under two different companies. I have also worked as a contract hospice nurse for a large American hospice company. On a personal level, my father died without benefit of hospice (it was not popular then). I have taken care of dying patients in hospitals and recognize that for most of us, it is preferable to die at home (or in our residence, wherever that may be), comfortably and without anxiety. Also I had no support when my father died; hospice clients are the whole family (however that is defined by the "patient"), and support is provided at least a year after the patient passes. These are the sorts of things (and probably others) that I can help with.

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