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my grandmother is 84 years old and she is in her late stages of alhimerizers and she still has all her orginal teeth. we took her to the dentist and they suggust that we have several abstractions done and about $20.000 worth of dental work done. is there any advice on what we should do. she is unable to idenify where her pain is if any.

Dear Karie,
  Your question raises  a concern seen across the spectrum of health care, how much care to provide a loved one.  I like to ask the family what level of comfort and or discomfort is to be gained by doing this dental work?  Then the cost becomes another factor.  But ultimately what is the best for her.  There was no indications why a dental visit was made.  Was this a routine visit or was there some concern about her mouth health.  As a person is in the later stages of Alzheimer the body is not processing and well and the eating may decline.  The change in the eating pattern is usually not due to  teeth issues but due to the normal disease progression.  Usually the person has more trouble chewing and seems to go to softer foods.  Even if your grandmother's dental care is provided it will not change the natural progression of the food intake.
   I do hope this has been of some help.  If you wish to discuss further let me know

I hold you and your family up as you spend time with your loved one, cherish these moments


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Hospice care is care for the end of life and dying patient and family. Hospice provides support with focus on quality of life issues. End of life does not mean the patient will have pain. Pain is one of several symptoms hospice will focus on for quality of life for the time reamining. Hospice takes the journey along with the patient and the family.


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