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Hello Sydney,

My mother has been diagnosed with lung cancer which is in its last stage. She has had not treatment for this earlier since it was not diagnosed before. At this stage the doctor suggests palliative care.  She is presently in hospital on oxygen. I plan to bring her home and wanted to know how I should prepare. Also, she has very little appetite and there is swelling and occasional head ache and leg ache. I just need to know where I stand and how much time do I have in hand.

Thank you


I'm sorry to hear about your mother.  I would need more information before I could give you and idea of how quickly her cancer will progress.  For now just get her home and enjoy the time you have with her.  She will probably need pain management and something for anxiety and sleep right away.  Check the home for any rugs that she might trip on and remove them.  Check for and remove any cords or wires that could cause her to trip and fall. The bathroom is a frequent place that falls take place so grab bars are always a good idea. Encourage her to eat small frequent meals and don't give her a lot of food at once as she might feel overwhelmed with the amount and eat less.  I highly recommend Carnation Instant Breakfast its a powder that mixes with milk and it has a lot of vitamins and nutrients in it.  One glass can replace an entire meal and you can add things to make it like a shake or malt.  Even if it takes her all day to drink one glass at least she is getting nutrition and hydration.  Eventually she may need a hospital bed, wheelchair or other equipment.  If it was my mother I would get her on with a good hospice agency right away.  The support and symptom management will make things easier for everyone involved.  My blessings go out to you during this difficult time.  

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