can you receive hospice care while taking avastin?

Hello Linda

Yes you can be on hospice and take Avastin. The hospice can't dictate to you what medications you can and can't take. You might have a problem with billing though. It depends on the type of insurance you have but there is a possibility that the Avastin won't be covered once you have elected your hospice benefit. Your hospice benefit pays for medications related to your terminal diagnosis but Avastin is considered aggressive/curative so there is a contradiction between comfort measures (hospice) and curative measures (Avastin).  So its highly likely that the Avastin will have to be purchased by you and paid for out of pocket.  If the hospice tries to tell you you can't be on the medication and be on hospice keep looking because its a gray area and you can find an agency that will allow both.  Make sure you let the hospice know that using their company is contingent upon you being able to continue the medication and if they say no you will go with another agency.  You need to be prepared to pay for the Avastin so I would investigate the cost before you make a final decision.  Best of luck to you.  

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