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Hospice Care/Stage 4 leone small cell lung cancer/liver/chest wall


My husband is 63 and is in the last stages of dying I think we got palliative care in place and been issued a box with lots of syringes and stuff he makes stranges noises at night and sleeps a lot but today he has eatern 2 meals it's been ages since he has eaten  and he seemed nearly his old self again : ) could this mean that maybe just maybe he's getting better and his body's fighting back we don't have chemo now but he really was great today I thought well I thought I'd ask just Incase I'm grasping at straws it's such a hard and emotional time at the moment and my thoughts go out to all in the same situation

Dear Sharon,
I encourage you to enjoy the gift this current has provided. Have those talks you want to have with him and encourage him to do the same.  This may last one day to several days but usually not much longer before decline and the decline maybe rapid.   I do see this as a gift, seize the moment and yes it is emotional like being on a roller coaster. Don't make allot of it but be present.  

Hugs to you

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Hospice care is care for the end of life and dying patient and family. Hospice provides support with focus on quality of life issues. End of life does not mean the patient will have pain. Pain is one of several symptoms hospice will focus on for quality of life for the time reamining. Hospice takes the journey along with the patient and the family.


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