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My dad has been in hospice for 3 months he can barely eat and we went from talking 3x a day to 1 every two days. His hands are now turning purple I dont get it whats going to happen next? Is he not going to last the full 6 months? He has cirrhosis n a hernia that cant be removed. Two leaky heart valves diabetic and his stomach gets big with water. He also has obstruction of the stomach and hia legs are getting dark

Hi Daddy's Girl

I'm so sorry to hear about your father. Your questions and concerns are very valid.  What your seeing with his discolored hands is a change in the body's way of supplying only the vital organs. When vital organs begin to be compromised due to disease progression it will shut down circulation to the non vital organs  (the extremities) this creates a purple and sometimes spotted look.  This is called mottling and it's a sign of disease progression and its likely that he is closer to death than 6 months. His intake has also decreased which is another sign if disease progression Try to ask your hospice nurse for a copy of Gone From My Sight it will explain what to expect in just enough detail and it only takes a few minutes to read. I think you will find it very helpful because it answers a lot if the questions your having.  Not everyone progresses the same but it's likely that you will see his intake decrease significantly and he may begin to have difficulty breathing, possible anxiety and/or agitation, he may also become semi comatose.  He has a lot of what we call co-morbities which means multiple diagnosis that will lead to a faster progression of the dying process. His lungs may begin to fill with fluid as the heart gets weaker it try's to eliminate excess fluid so it doesn't have to work as hard. The lungs are a big empty space so fluid is diverted and dummped in the lungs.  When this happens the breathing becomes moist and he will have a more difficult time breathing and his breaths will sound moist. These symptoms can be treated to some extent by the hospice team and the book I mentioned will give you some comfort. I hope this answers your questions. If for some reason you can't get a copy of the book please send me a message and I'll get one off to you. Best of luck.

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