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Yes I'm hoping you can answer this question for me? My father passed away 5 years ago 1 day before it happened he was getting drunk, he fell and hit back of his head, so he went home and went to bed next day he woke up ate, I talked to him for a few minutes and he went back to bed. He was vomiting, and said he felt funny, and it was like when I was talking to him I had to keep repeating because he wasn't answering back. He never had an autopsy, but the report said he passed from heart falure, how would he know that, or was it just a guess, because I just need to know the truth.

Dear Danny,
I want to apologize for the delay in answering your question, there seems to have been communication issues that Allexperts has just notified me.

I can understand your wondering and what really was cause of death.   Without an autopsy it is only a guess based on the known health issues from previous medical contact.    Could it have been a heart, was it the drinking, was it the fall and hit to the back of his head?   This will remain a mystery.    

Cherish the time you did have with your father.  Spending time on the wondering is taking away from you this cherished time.  Do not feel guilty of what could of been.  Seek peace for yourself.  If you have regrets you can move your focus on not having regrets going forward.

Reflect on any lessons your father may have taught you from his examples of how he lived life. This includes positives and negatives.   Often we miss the gift of experience when someone wants us to know, do not do what I did, I don't want you to got through what I did.   

Hugs to you

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Hospice care is care for the end of life and dying patient and family. Hospice provides support with focus on quality of life issues. End of life does not mean the patient will have pain. Pain is one of several symptoms hospice will focus on for quality of life for the time reamining. Hospice takes the journey along with the patient and the family.


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