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Hello Mrs. Hicks,
Hope you are doing fine.

I graduated from Rutgers University- Newark in 2014. I am a grad student in Felician University in NJ and just stared my MS in Health Administration last Sept 2015. I really want to begin an internship or volunteer opportunity in a facility where I can get more knowledge and experience in the field of administration. I do volunteer in a acute nursing facility in NJ, however I feel that I am not getting what I am expecting. I want to challenge myself. The facility is not completely open to me so I can really understand how the management works. I got to have something before I graduate from school to show in my resume that I can be an integral part of health management team.

1] Am I rushing myself too early? Or stressing out myself?

2] What do you think I should do while I am in school which will get me some experience in the field?

3] I did research on google to find a volunteering or internship  program but turned out empty. Because everyone is asking for experience. Is there a specific way to research on it?

4] Is there a specific part of government where health administrators are in demand? If so, how can I find them?

5] Which health field is currently in demand for health administrators?

6] What else would you recommend that will support my resume during my school year? I will be graduating by the mid of 2017.

         Your help is deeply appreciated.
         Thank you and have a great night.

Hi Subin, I am doing very well. I hope you are too.  In response to your questions,

1. No you are not rushing yourself, however, your expectations may be too high.  In order to get into health care management you either need to get some type of management experience or some operations experience.  This could be through an entry level position (I know it sucks but with a degree you have a greater chance of being promoted quickly). Which leads to #2.
2. You gain experience by taking a lower level position but one that puts you in the position to learn about the administrative side of health care (billing, coding, human resources, credentialing, accounting, or finance).
3.Look for internships on job sites, make a LinkedIn profile, or reach out to a staffing agency to get temporary work.
4. There are lots of government jobs where health administrators are in demand - department of health and human services and veterans affairs - to name a few.
5. There are so many areas in demand for health administrators - try health care staffing agencies, physician practices, hospitals, community health departments, long term care facilities, etc.
6. Join professional associations for health administrators. Many of them have student memberships - HFMA, HCAA, ACHE, and there are tons more. They also inform members of job opportunities and internships.

Health care is a great field to work in and there are many employment opportunities. I wish you the best of luck for your future! Joy

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