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Julz the spa gurl wrote at 2013-01-11 01:10:56
My tub was doing the same thing. It was also heating to high temps. I took this persons advice and replaced the circut board. It still kept doing this. I replaced the Hi limit sensor. Still ahd the same problem. BEFOR you go to all this expence. My tub has a remote control panel on the oposite side of the tub. When it starts going bad it will cause the tubto act this way. Remove the sidepanels. Then open the cirrcut box. Under the main control is a ribbon, its connected to the underside of the main control panel. Follow the ribbon down. You will find a clasp, unfasten it. On mine its grey in color. It will disconnect the remote control panel. I did this and not my tub is acting normal. If it fixes yours. Good. I am not going to replace the remote control panel. Good luk. Hope its saves you some money.

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