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Hot Tubs/Caldera spa with 4 dashes on display?


drof2th wrote at 2011-12-23 07:04:39
Regarding the 4 dashes on the Caldera Spa display, I believe I have found the reason. My spa produced the same 4 dash error and I let the filter soak in 1.25 cups of TSP, Tri sodium phosphate in a 7 gallon bucket over night. The water turned almost brown even though the filter was very white looking prior to that cleaning! I am pretty sure that body oils clogged the filter and restricted water flow causing a shut down! Now after a week, there has been no shut down or 4 dash error! Yay!  

Berndawg wrote at 2013-01-09 02:04:25
This happened to me twice when I tried to start up the spa in winter at 35degrees F. It ended up the water was too cold. Lower the level and add some hot water. Ensure the lines are not air locked. I had to pay a technician to find this out.

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