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House Plants/Shamrock plant dead?


Hoss wrote at 2009-02-01 20:38:45
I have re poted my shamrock but i cut off all leafs except for new growth. a week later 4 or 5 shot up through the soil another week shes growing like mad and has filled out again with many leafs and new ones shooting out of the soil

sorry no pics but i found doing it this way you don't see a plant that looks like its going to die

Alieda wrote at 2009-05-16 06:24:17
Shamrock plants are a kind of bulb, and may appear nearly dead when they go into a dormant state. Besides shock, which is likely, another possibility is that many varieties of shamrock plants are light-sensitive and prefer low light levels, reacting poorly to direct sunlight.

Lynda Meeder wrote at 2012-07-13 19:07:05
I have had my "Oxalis " shamrock plant for over 40 a house plant . When you repot , it's better done in the spring. Always use african violet soil. Turn the old plant out on a newspaper and pick through the dirt to get the tubers( they look like little shrimps) . When you replant the tubers , pick all the old foliage off. the plant will return. It mostly likes indirect light. Only water once a week. Likes slightly moist soil ,not wet. I set it outside( in it's pot) for the summer, then it grows with a shorter stem. In the winter it gets leggy. Pick off the dry dead foliage once a week or so.It has times where it looks like its dying,-it's not . Loves to be picked down to the dirt once in a while. Only pick off don't pull ,or you will pull the tubers out of the soil . If that happens just push them back into the dirt and it will be alright.

Deb the Reb wrote at 2012-11-16 21:00:25
I have had shamrocks--green and burgundy--for over ten years.  The friend who gave me a start of them told me that they "don't like to have their roots messed with."  She knew what she was talking about: Every time I re-pot or split the roots up to give someone else a start, they die back.  Acting on my friend's advice, I just continue to care for them as usual--watering once a week and removing dead growth.  In a week or two, they are full and beautiful again.

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