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Keith wrote at 2015-02-23 22:06:37
from that pic, it looks strangely shiny. these leaves should not be shiny. I have learned the hard way that using oil sprays or polishes on plants with this strap-like leaf structure whorling around the center can have damaging effects and you must be careful to rinse all oil out of the crevices close to the center where the leaves emerge from.

feel if the leaves are oily or have a greasy film and if so they probably used an oil spray on it before shipping and that is why it's suffering. I recently got a beaucarnea from a friend who had to give it away and it was infested with mealy bugs and other stuff. so I used oil spray, and  almost all of it's leaves have dropped off. they remain green even after the base has died. the plant is not dead, and the skin is still green even up to the top if I scratch it so it probably will put out new leaves eventually.

if they did use oil on your plant, likely the leaves will fall off. don't lose hope, just significantly reduce the watering because without leaves plants can't drink water so it could rot out the soil, but beaucarneas store water so just let it be almost completely dry until it starts to sprout new leaves.

Keith wrote at 2015-02-24 00:37:45
or it may have just gotten squished in the package. it looks strangely squished which could be from oil, some bacterial or fungal issue, or it could have been physically squished by the packaging.

beaucarnea leaves don't easily recover their form after being bent. they are kind of brittle toward the base of the leaf.

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