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Staci wrote at 2012-01-01 14:52:16
I'm not really adding to the answer, but the answer given isn't the plant Debra was asking about. I've been looking for this same plant for about a year now. My mother picked one up at Home Depot or Lowes, the name on the pot read Mother-Daughter. The leaves are dark green, long and slender, similar to a spider plant with rounded tips. The have a small stem at the end of the long leaf with an identical smaller rounded leaf. I know this was posted under house plants but my mother had hers planted in her yard (Florida).

I've been stalking Home Depot and Lowes to find this plant with no luck. Would like to find the proper name so I can order one. Hoping someone sees this who can help.

Mack wrote at 2013-12-16 15:18:39
I have what was labeled as a "Mother/Daughter Plant" that I purchased from Home Depot about 5 years ago and have never seen one anywhere since.  My plant is doing terrific but in Winter time I bring it inside and it starts dropping leaves immediately.  I have the huge pot (the plant is about 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide)on wheels so that I can take it outside when the weather is above freezing.  I don't believe it could be planted outside but would like to know how to take care of it during the winter.  It is a very beautiful plant.

joyce wrote at 2014-05-27 16:16:22
I have had a couple of mother/daughter plants for many years, which are now 4' tall. They are very unique and rare, and I, also, have never seen them anywhere since. My understanding is they are native to Sri Lanka. I would be interested in selling one, but don't know how it could be shipped. I live in Northeast Florida, so if you're interested, please contact.  

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