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I typically use English Ivy as trailers in my outdoor potted plants and bring them in to be repotted by themselves in the Fall.  My latest ivy was brought in around the end of September and potted.  It is in a West setting, about 8 feet from the windows, gets a ton of light, but no direct sunlight.  The leaves are turning yellow with  brownish/blackish spots.  I do  see new growth.  Also, I always spray the plants before bringing indoors.  What could be causing this??  Thanks


Inspect them very closely for spider mites. Shine a large flashlight looking for webbing in the leaf crotches. If you find it you will need to spray them with a mix of 2 cups rubbing alcohol and 2 cups water with a teaspoon of dish soap or insecticidal soap added.  Dish soap works just fine. Spray them every 3 days for 5 treatments to kill any eggs that hatch. Spider mites love ivy.

The other problem it could be would be is too much water. Make sure they are not sitting constantly wet. Ivy will survive the winter outside just fine unless you are in northern Canada or Alaska. Write again if you have more questions. Good luck!


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