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QUESTION: my plant is getting out of controll. Can i cut overly heavy fingers that are getting to heavy without damage to plant. Its approx. 3 yrs. old and weighs 20 lbs. or about. Thank you for respounding. John


The coral cactus is not actually a cactus. It is a euphorbia that has experienced a mutation that causes it to become crested. The plant is native in Asia and is properly called Euphorbia lactea. The mutation is rare and is a sought-after trait by their Thai growers. The euphorbia is grafted onto a cactus stem to give it a sturdy base and an interesting look. This means it has the root system of a cactus and should be given cactus care which is similar to euphorbia care.

This means you can prune it back but the pieces you prune off will not grow their own roots. They must be grafted onto pieces of cactus to survive. These sites have instructions for grafting:

You ma not be able to get it right the first time or two but it sounds like you have plenty of pieces of coral cactus to work with. You may also be able to find a book at the library on the subject. Good luck!


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QUESTION: Befor the plant < coral cactus> is grafted what does it look like by it self and why cant it grow as it is. I cannot find a picture of it anywhere. I am so curios i cannot wait to see its orrigonal appearance. Thank You for your help


It is a euphorbia lactea that for some weird reason becomes deformed and turns into a euphorbia lactea cristata. The euphorbia lactea cristata never survives long on it's own roots so breeders tried grafting it onto other euphorbia roots and it does fine then. You can google euphorbia lactea and click on images to see pictures of that then google euphorbia lactea cristata to see pictures of that. For more detailed information you will need to talk to a grafting expert. I am a Master Gardener, not a grafting expert or a trained horticulturist.


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