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Hi Richard. My plants leaves r turning brown. I read to put pebbles in its tray with water for moisture. I just did that tonight. Is that OK since it is almost winter ? Also it is not in direct sunlight because I have limited windows. Is it imperative to be in full sun because I can make that happen. I had peat moss in the tray but it wasn't always soaked . I also have been misting him a couple times a week. It is really sprouting leaves since I brought it home last month. I just noticed the leaves turning in the past few days.One more thing Richard, my room temperature is only 68 degrees. I would appreciate
some direction on my gorgeous plant. He isnt looking too good. Thank you. Pinky .

Sorry for taking so long to answer...It has been very busy at work and my time to help out with horticulture has been limited...
Putting pebbles in the saucer is correct and will help the plant next year by increasing humidity near the plant...Spray misting the foliage 1-2 Xs per week during the growing season will also help do the same...
Your plant is a tuberous variety (similar to tulips, crocus, peonies, etc.) and it will go dormant during the winter as the day light hours lessen...It sounds like that it what it is doing now...Remove the dead leaves as they brown...Stop watering now while there are few left on it... This will tell the plant that it is time to enter the dormancy period...After it dies back cut off all the dead foliage and stems...
Winter the plant in an area where the temps will stay above 50 degrees...Normally place it on the floor in a moderately heated room...
When winter nears its' end look for new growth...Place it back where you had it before and begin to water it again...They do best in a location that receives indirect sunlight...They do not like direct sunlight(unless it is early morning - eastern exposure). They do best at temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees...Indoor plants need to be fertilized on a weekly to monthly basis during the growing season...Add fertilizer periodically to the water - Get to a local garden center and see what they recommend for your plant...Quiz them on its' care while there...
Water by weight...After watering it should feel heavy...Don't water again until it feels considerably lighter in weight...Indoors check it every 5-10 days...Plants usually die from too frequent waterings, not from too much water at one time...Watering frequency depends on many factors(plant type, pot size, sun exposure, wind, day temps, etc.)...
Hope this helps...Let me know what you think about my advice...
Good luck...
Rick in southern NJ  

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