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House Plants/flowering palm?


I have a plant that had one single pink and magenta flower.  The leaves are "palm like with verigated green pattern.  The flower is dying ( lasted a long time, so I think it is normal) there is a new "shoot" coming up which looks like a new plant (same leaf pattern).. Not sure of the name of the plant but it is know for being able to pool water in it's stem for birds to drink out of??

I want to know what to do next -just let the flower die of?  cut it off?  what about the new growth?

Thanks!  Kathy

Hi Kathy,

Every plant species has different needs so without a proper ID for your plant, I cannot answer your question. Palms do not produce flowers to speak of and are not variegated. Bromeliads are the plants most noted for collecting water in their vases formed by their leaves. So there are lots of possibilities here, but without a photo I cannot help you.

Please post a photo here that shows the entire plant or email it to me at
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