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Hello, Darlene,

My pet of 14 years died this past Friday after Thanksgiving, causing my distraction from the one flourishing plant (an arrowhead) I have on the patio, brought to life quite nicely through the summer from last winter.  I simply forgot about it.  I'm in Charlotte, NC; it got really cold (below 40 degrees) last night for the first time in weeks.  Naturally, this morning every leaf was cold, rubbery and drooping.

My question:  Will the epsom salt help this condition?

Thank you so much for your time.


Sorry to hear about your pet, it is always sad to loose a pet. As for your nephthitis plant, unless the plant was actually frozen there is a good chance that it will come back and be just fine but it will take time. Epsom salts will probably not help but it won't hurt either so you can go ahead and try it. The damage leave will probably turn beige and at that point you should use sharp scissors and trim them off. The roots will send up new leaves unless it was more severely frozen than you described. Just put it by a sunny window indoors and water it once a week and do not leave it sitting in a drain tray full of water. Be patient. Good luck!


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