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this jade was purchased in MI back in the early 70's, and moved to FL over 10 years ago.  It stays in a screened porch, and in the same corner.  In the last 6 mos it has started to grow root like tentacles on most of it's branches(looks like black spiders hanging upside down from the branches)  Is it getting too old?  Or possibly needs to be repotted?  This is new to me given how old the plant is.


I believe that it is not getting enough sun and it is hot and humid where you are growing it so it is trying to root. Move it out of the corner and into a sunnier location and you will have less roots. You can simply use you fingers and pinch or rub off these roots. If you want to take some cuttings and root them they will root easily if they already have these "starter" roots. If not just rub the roots off and make sure the plant gets more sun and do not leave water in the drain tray and the roots will disappear . Good luck!


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