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I have a plant that I've had 3 years it has always done well but i have to say that i have not ever fertilized it.It has never been sick or had any problem.It is a heart shaped philodendren.a couple weeks ago It started having a wilted look at the top of the plant,the leaves are still bright green and the plant looks completely healthy except for the wilted look that it has. I don't see anything anywhere on the plant no fungus or bugs of any kind that i can see. I appreciate your time to give my plant thought. this plant is named Samson. Thanks, Veronica


Wilted green leaves that happen suddenly indicates that the plant is too wet. This can be something that happened accidently recently or it can be a build up of excess water over a period of several months.

The pot it is in must have a large drain hole with a drain tray under it. When you water it you should water it from the top and give it enough water that all toe soil in the pot is moist and a little water goes into the drain tray under the plant. Then you should not water the plant again until the top inch of soil has been dry for 4 days and the plant is noticeably lighter when you pick it up. This plant likes to get dry between watering and when it gets dry you can see that the leaves get opaque looking. When you notice that it is time to water. This plan is not a swamp plant and the roots will rot easily when it it being kept too wet. When the roots rot they cannot take up water and the plant wilts like you are seeing. You need to dry it out as quickly as possible then only water it when it is dry. Increasing the light might help him recuperate and grow new roots faster. Good luck with Samson!


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