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I have an issue with a Yucca plant dying much like the question below, previously listed on your site and answered by you. Picture appears to be exactly like my Yucca plant.
(I prone and water my Yucca plant every 3 weeks. Both plants sit directly in
front of my balcony bay window. I open the blinds on them at about 9am and
close at around 5pm. When I first got it, it was a lot more healthy, green and
full. Do Yucca plants go through changes during season changes? Do the heal
after shedding leavings and become green and full again around summer?
Here are some pictures. I've never repotted after I bought them, I was told too
much soil space could rot them. I've had them for 6 months purchased on
May 28, 2007. Here are some of the leaves I pulled today. Is there a certain
way to prone them. I just pull the died or dying leaves downwards until they
break off. The plant still has green to it, but I'm just wacthing it get worse
and worse, thinnner and thinner. When I water them I put them in the bath
tub full of water and let them soak for about 10 minutes.drain for a minute
and put them back infront of the window.)

My plant is next to the window, though doesn't get a ton of light. I believe it is a western facing window but I am not sure.  I have a huge corn plant in the same spot in a different room and that plant is thriving. However my Yucca plant is slowly dying. Pot size is same as at plant store. I have had the plant since August and all its leaves are turning yellow and brown. There is no new growth that I can see. I would say almost 3/4 of all leaves are yellowing or brown already. The leaves are bright green then they start the fade almost from the middle of the leaf, the color gets light and lighter until it yellows and browns. I water it 1 every 2 weeks and soil feels pretty dry on top before I re-water, though I have not checked 1 in down. I live in NJ and it is becoming very cold so I am assuming moving it outside won't help. Is my plant dead for good or do you think there is a way to save it? I really liked this plant when I purchased it and would love to save it if I could. Should I remove the dead leaves? What can I do?

Hi Ashley,

Your Yucca is either not getting adequate light or enough water, perhaps both. A west window is fine, but the Yucca should be right in front of the window, not off to the side, and it should be within 2-3 feet of the window. The window must be completely uncovered throughout the daylight hours. Yuccas require much more light than Corn Plants.

You didn't indicate how much water you are adding every other week, so I cannot accurately judge whether you are watering properly. When you water you should pour water slowly over the entire surface until a small amount trickles through the drainage holes. Then, water again when the top inch of soil is dry. Don't rely on the calendar to tell you when to water.

The discolored leaves will not recover, so they should be trimmed off. If you provide good light and adequate water, then you should see new healthy growth come in at the tops of the stems. There really is nothing more you can do, so you will need to be patient while your Yucca recovers.

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