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I was given a creeping Charlie plant about four months ago by a neighbor when she moved. I do not have any idea how old it is. It was doing well until the last couple of weeks or so but now the leaves are limp looking and droopy. The plant has another type of plant in the same pot with it and it is fine. The pot is about seven inches, the plant is spread out about 10 inches, it sits in front of my glass sliding door on a table that faces east I think. I was watering it every two or three days but cut back some when it started getting droopy and heard that was to often. It is city water.


You were overwatering it and it will take a couple of months to recuperate. Give it more sun if possible and do not water it until it is dry on the surface. Never allow it to sit with water in the drain tray, always empty it an hour after watering. City water should not be a problem unless they over soften it. The other plant may like more water. If you want to send me a picture I would be happy to try to identify the other plant for you. Good luck!


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