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Hello Darlene

I have an Easter lily and palms (indoors)i was finding gnats flying around in my home, we came to the conclusion it was from the plants ,so we put them outside while we had them out side (in summer) they were rained on several times and then dyed out by the sun and  when they were very dry we took them back in and limited our watering..we then started to find thousand of tiny dead gnats surrounding the planters..i cleaned them up about 3 times that was back in aug and September and i never saw them anymore and now this past weekend i went away came back to hundreds of little white (DEAD) worms surrounding the planters..
I'm so lost as to what to do .. someone told me rubbing alcohol works ,but why am i finding them dead? and what would you do if it was you're plants? someone at home depot depot told me that i should get rid of the plants and start over again and do not water them to much,but i really love my plants and would hate to get rid of them..Can you please help me to save them? will you please e-mail to let me know?


The gnats were fungus gnats and you were correct that they were there because you were overwatering the plants. The roots were rotting and the fungus gnats are attracted by the smell of rotting roots just like fruit flies are attracted by overripe bananas on your counter. They laid eggs in the soil that eventually became the larva (worms). They are dead because you are allowing the plants to dry out so the roots are healthy and there is nothing for them to eat. Next time you water I would water your usual quantity of water but replace 1/3rd of the water with rubbing alcohol. That will kill any remaining larva and will not harm the plants. Vacuum up the dead ones and just be very careful not to overwater in the future. Do not allow the plants to sit in a drain tray of water after you water them. Empty the drain tray or suction out the excess water with a turkey baster. Home depot just wants to sell more plants. They do not hire experts. Good luck!


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