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Dear Mr. Creed,
I just found a creamy opaque liquid on one of the trunks of my Norfolk Pine. I hope you can tell me what it is and how I can help my tree.
I purchased an indoor Norfolk Pine a week ago.  It is 5 feet tall and has three central trunks.
I have watered it once and find that the upper inch of soil is not moist but not completely dry.  I have misted it
Several times a day for the last three or four days.  I live in the midwest so my forced air heating system is
Functioning to keep the temperature 71. The tree is in a south facing widow but there are many buildings and trees near it .  The light does not seem to ever get overly strong.  I have been placing some light- weight, mostly blown glass ornaments on it in preparation for Christmas. I received the gift of a heavier wooden one
And placed it close in so as not to injure the branch.  I removed the ornament when I saw the creamy liquid
( it was on for less than a few hours) and wiped the beaded up liquid from the tree.  The trunk feels a little tacky and weepy still.  Otherwise it appears to be in fine form, as far as I know.  I no almost nothing about
Plant care and have just been caring for it based on what I recently read.  I would very much appreciate
Your help for my tree.  I hope I have not injured it badly,

Thank you,

Hi Linda,

The opaque liquid is sap that has oozed out from the wound caused by the stress of having a heavy object pulling it downward. From your description, I do not believe the damage is permanent although that branch may always droop a bit more than the others. In the absolute worst case scenario, that branch may have been torn away from the trunk and will gradually die. But even that extreme case would have no effect on the overall health of your Norfolk Island Pine. In any case there is nothing for you to do and you should not worry about it.

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