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House Plants/millions of green eggs in the soil!


green eggs zoom
green eggs zoom  

lots of green eggs
lots of green eggs  
I am quite certain these are not time-released pellets -- these appeared in my soil after a week of heavy rain.  they range in diameter from hair-width to about half a centimeter.  They are yellowish-green.  Some of my beds have them in clumps; a couple of the beds (where I haven't planted anything yet) are completely overrun with eggs throughout most of the surface.  They only appear at the very surface of the soil.  They are a bit flat and concave, shaped just like a red blood cell.  When split open they are solid and mushy like a cooked lentil.

I have noticed many tiny red spiders, as well -- it could be they are hatching from these eggs.  They are a bit smaller than the larger eggs.  They do not quite look like red spider mites.  They are not particularly attracted/attached to plants; they are just scurrying around the soil.

What are these spiders and eggs?  What should I do about them?

Without seeing a picture of the spider-like bug I can not even guess what it is...Spiders and mites have 8 legs and 2-main body parts...The items in your pictures do look like eggs...
I would not do anything to the ground (& eggs) or bugs until you find out exactly what they are...They could be harmless, beneficial or a pest in need of elimination...Only by positive identification will you know for sure...Then you can act appropriately and do the right thing to solve your problem...
Bug types vary from one area to another, so I would advise you to put some of the eggs and spider-like bugs in an enclosed container... Take it to your local garden center(not chain-store), county agriculture agent, or other knowledgeable authority in your area...They should be the best to ID the bugs in your area...
You could also send me some pictures of the spider-like critter and I'll try to help you some more...
Hope this helps...
Rick in southern New Jersey

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