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flowering plant
flowering plant  
Hi Darlene,

I was given this plant and not provided with the name of the plant or any instructions for taking care of it. Can you help me to identify it and also, educate me on taking care of it?



It is a kalanchoe blossfeldiana. It is a succulent plant like a jade, those thick leaves store water. It prefers a bright area near a sunny window, but can tolerate almost any type of light condition.

Soil should be on the dry side. Water thoroughly when soil surface is dry to the touch, and be sure not to let the plant stand in water.

Kalanchoes prefer moderate temperatures, 60-70F (18-21C)during the daytime, and 50-60F (15-18C) at night. Avoid excessively hot or cold areas

Fertilize occasionally, according to manufacturer's directions, beginning two to three weeks after purchasing or receiving it.

Bright light will help to maintain vibrant flower color. If the flowers are pale-colored, it's a sign that the plant is not getting enough light.

Prune the first stock after blooming and once it begins to wither if you want to prepare your plant for another blossoming cycle. Move the plant to an area that receives less light and water only about once every 10-14 days. Allow the plant to rest for several weeks after cutting. As the plant gets ready for new blooms, it needs less light and less water than usual. In nature, the kalanchoe begins to flower as the winter days gets shorter and sunlight is less available, so you want to simulate these conditions indoors as well as you can. You can put a brown paper bag over it at night and remove it in the morning so it only gets 10 hours of light a day. That will trigger blooming. Return the plant to its original sunny location when it starts to bloom again. If you have more questions write again. Good luck!


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