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the folded leave
the folded leave  

rootlike things
rootlike things  

I am wondering about this root-like thing that grow from my spider plant

Is it a stolon . root , mold ? or what is this ?

the plant is about 9 months or less

my plant stops growing after this thing appears

all leaves are normal but the newest leave folded and no more growth occurs

what is happening with it?

sorry for the bad English

Hi Sara,

It is too soon to identify the white growth that is emerging. It may be a root, another plant or a runner. In any case, it is not a fungus or disease or anything that you need to be concerned about. Its structure will develop as it is exposed to sunlight and then it will be apparent what it is. Be patient and don't worry.

Plants grow in spurts so the recent slow down in growth is normal and not related to the white growth. The pot is a bit large for the plant. Plants that are tightly potted and moderately potbound grow the fastest. Right now yours is putting most of its energy into filling the pot with roots at the expense of top growth. Once it is quite potbound you will seen lots of top growth.

If new growth is not healthy, then that is either because it is not getting enough light or there is a problem with the watering. Your Spider Plant should be on a sunny windowsill and it should be watered as soon as the top inch of soil feels dry, but not before.

Please let me know if any of this is unclear or if you have any additional questions.

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