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House Plants/verschaffeltia splendida, bentinckia nicobarica, calyptrocalyx forbesii,dypsis cabadae


do you think any of these palms i specified in the subject line can tolerate low humidity in result of a drought. i would water them all the time. thanks im thinking about buying them along with pritchardias from hawaii and areca macrocarpa, chamaedorea tepejilote, and chamaedorea seifrizii but have concerns about dryness, and low humidity. all i can do is mist the leaves or spray them with wilt pruf.

These are all unusual Palm species that are not recommended for indoor use for a variety of reasons - low humidity being only one of them. I am curious why you selected these species, where you will source them, and how you intend to use them.

~Will Creed

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