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I have a Boston fern that was purchased in May of 2012.  It hung outside during the summer months, and I have brought it inside the house during the winter.  It continues to produce new fronds, but they are not very sturdy and have very small leaves?  The same thing happened to a fern I had last year.  What is causing this, and how can it be fixed?


Boston ferns are very picky creatures. They do not like being indoors and only getting light on one side in a house that to them is hot and dry. They like higher humidity in a location with light but not sun coming from all 4 sides. They also like a 10 degree temperature drop at night and they like gentle breezes. The gentle breezes and high humidity keep the insects away and keep it from dropping leaves. Increased light on all 4 sides and a monthly dose of water soluble fertilizer would increase that leaf size. Be careful not to overwater or underwater.If you have a skylight it might help to hang it under a skylight. If you have a clear plastic bag large enough to fit over it you might loosely twist tie it over the fern and that would keep the plant more humid. No guarantees but that is what I would try. Good luck!


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