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House Plants/bugs on my leaves


There are little bugs eating on the leaves of my corn plant.What can i spray on them to kill these bugs.They are eating holes in my leaves.Thank you

Hi Brenda

All I can say at the moment is that you need to be more specific as there are a whole tonne of bugs that are pest to plants.

What do they look like?

What color are they?

Are they insects or grubs?

Are they adult?

How big are they?

If you could describe them and I will then try and help.

Waiting for you with patience and take as long as you like.


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Jonathan Alderson


I cannot answer questions about difficult and rare houseplants but I can with all the rest of the popular or even uncommon types.


I have grown houseplants for a lot of years and as always, I started off with a cactus and a Chlorophytum. I know all about the growing conditions, watering, feeding, humidity and propagation. I also know about the winter care and the pruning of flowering houseplants and the lighting for the foliage plants. I can also tell people the difference between pot plants and permanent plants and how to keep the pot plants for another season if that is possible for that particular plant.

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I have an NVQ Level 1 in horticulture.

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