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I've had my Anita for about 5+ years. It was on top of my microwave infront of my south facing kitchen sliders, until it came time to repot and a new, now 4.5'- 5' stem came from the soil causing me to relocate it to the floor about 6-7' from same sliders. It then bagan to drop A LOT of leaves and there were deeply browning tips as well. The stems need support now as well. I immediatly realized it didn't like the move and placed it back in the corner where it was originally, but on the floor. It continued to drop leaves. I figured it was cold now being so close to a drafty window and that I live in the northeast, so I have recently moved it to my living room now in a 12" plastic pot, about 3' from three large north facing windows. I have also cut off all the brown tips, removed all the dead folliage, cut back on waters and switched to bottled/distilled water. Some stems have live leaves on top and spaces of no leaves inbetween. Should I cut those stalks down? The stems and roots are still alive and It seems happier now and hasnt dropped any new leaves, but this location is still new to it, so im wondering if it will be enough light? I have also started regular mistings again. What else can i do to help it recover? I have also sent photos to the email address above. I hope they help. If not, ill gladly send more. Thank you


I beleive that the deeply browning leaf tips happened because you repotted it into too large of a pot so it was not able to dry out between waterings. This plant cannot stand to be constantly wet, it needs to dry out between waterings. The cold from the window will not be a big problem unless they are 50 year old really drafty windows. As long as there is not icy wind blowing in around them the plant will be fine near the window. Move it to where it will get light comparable to what it got on top of the microwave. It needs bright light but not actual sun. I would not cut off any branches off until June, then if they are too bare to look good to you go ahead and cut them off. Otherwise give it some fertilizer to promote good growth. If you have more questions feel free to write again. Good luck!


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