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Mystery plant 1
Mystery plant 1  

Mystery plant 2
Mystery plant 2  
Hello here!  I was wondering if you could please help me identify this house plant, or at least point me in the right general direction.  I got this plant from my mother.  It's at least twenty years old, and I am afraid I have no idea whee it came from prior to my mom owning it.  The tall stick in the pot is a meter stick, though the side facing the camera is marked in inches.  The second photo shows the stem, with leaf scars, and the underside of one of the leaves -which has raised veins.  I can provide more pictures if that would help.  

In all the years we have had this plant, I have never seen it flower, and it seems like it might have a nice one.  Any tips on how I might tempt it to bloom?


It is a philodendron selloum. I have never seen one bloom. If you visit Florida you will see them up to 20 feet tall and I have never seen one bloom. If it does bloom it stays close to the base of the plant and looks like a peace lily bloom. To see a picture of a bloom go to google and put in philodendron selloum bloom then click on images and they have a lot of pictures of the bloom. To encourage blooming keep the plant in a small pot so it becomes rootbound, fertilize it with a blooming plant fertilizer and keep it in a sunny location. Do not keep it constantly wet, let it dry out between waterings. Plants bloom in order to reproduce. A tropical plant that is kept comfortable has no reason to bloom. If it is in  a cramped pot and kept on the dry side but given blooming plant fertilizer that will encourage blooming. Then be patient. It may take awhile. Good luck!


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