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My corn plant is about 6 feet tall and is 10 years old.  It has 3 skinny "trunks" with pretty long green leaves. (Sometimes the leaf tips do turn brown) I thought the trunk of a corn plant was supposed to be much thicker. Is this another kind of corn plant or am I doing something wrong to cause the trunks not to grow.


It could be because it is in too small a pot and is severely rootbound. If the pot diameter (inches across the top of the pot is less than 10 inches it is too small a pot. it should be repotted into a 10 inch diameter pot but not until after April 1st. This time of year the root growth is semi dormant and if you repot it you may end up with root rot. As the days get longer April 1st is the magic time when the days are long enough that root growth is active and the plant will not get root rot but will fill up the new pot rapidly.

Another reason the trunks could be skinny is the plant is not getting enough light so it is reaching for more light. Move it to a brighter location, preferably in front of an east facing window with blinds and drapes open most of the day and give it a dose of water soluble fertilizer such a Miracle Grow. Feed it at least once a month. I think the light is most likely your biggest problem. If you have more questions feel free to write again. Good luck!


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