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Hi, I have a lot of ivy in my backyard. Not sure what kind they are.  One is a relatively a large patch that's green with white edges.  The other, the one I'm concerned about, is all green.  This particular ivy I transplanted from pots I bought at Home Depot in the summer, and planted it in a well shaded area in my backyard.  All the leaves seem to have turned very dark...near black in the past month, but they appear to be all alive. We've gotten a small amount of snow on a couple of days that melted immediately, and we've had plenty or rain water recently. I did water the plants in the warmer months.  Is this normal?  I'm thinking it may change color with the cold and will go green again in spring?  I live in Massachusetts, by the way.

Any info you can give me will be greatly appreciated.


Patrick Lentz

Without pictures or knowing what ivies you have I can only guess...
Many plants will turn different colors during the winter VS their color during the growing season...In colder areas it is normal for some ivies to turn blackish...Come spring they should green-up...You will see the difference this spring when the growing season starts...
Be careful watering them...Unless it is an unusually dry winter you shouldn't have to water during the winter months...Watering frequency depends on many factors(sun exposure, type of plant, wind, day temps, etc.). Plants die from too frequent waterings - not from too much water at one time. They can also die from being allowed to be too dry for too long...
Hope this helps...Let me know what you think?..
Rick in southern NJ  

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