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I have a 7-year-old indoor Norfolk Island pine . . . of its four trunks/branches, two are fine. However, one is sparse and seems brittle, and another, as you can see in the attached photo, is droopy but still green. I repotted it a few months ago as it seemed to have outgrown its original container, but when I noticed this problem I thought perhaps the new pot was too large. So I moved it into this terra cotta pot. I water regularly and mist fairly often. It's next to a south-facing window. Can you tell me what is going on here and what I can do to help this poor plant? Thanks so much.

Hi Maureen,

It is likely that the move to the large pot is the cause of the problem. Repotting is tricky and it is easy to damage roots in the process. A pot that is too large usually leads to some of the roots starting to rot and that may have happened with yours. Moving it to the terra cotta pot was a good thing to do, although it may be too late to save the brittle stem.

I suggest that you take some soft string or yarn and loop it around all of the stems near the base of the plant. Pull the loop tight so that the sagging stems are pulled upright and supported by the larger stems. This will make the plant look better, but it will not undo any damage already done.

Your NIP seems to be getting good light where it is located, so all you can do is to make sure you water properly. Wait until the top half-inch of soil feels dry before watering thoroughly.

Fertilizer and misting will not help.

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