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Hi Richard:
My Peace Lily is very large, healthy-looking, with glossy leaves that keep on coming. I notice some people have problems with their plant not blooming.  Mine has bloomed a couple of times already, since the end of October, when I got it. Originally, the flowers were prominent, but the new ones are a lot shorter than the plant, hidden by the large leaves. They are pretty and white with no problem, but it would be nice to actually be able to see them. I thought the new leaves might come in shorter also, but they haven't. Any suggestions?

Prune off some of the leaves to allow a better view of the flowers...Cut some of them back to the base...New leaves will develop as will more flowers...
Water your peace lily by weight...
Check how much it weighs when thoroughly watered VS its' weight when it is ready to be watered again...Sometimes it helps to put a saucer under the pot and let the plant sit in water for 10-15 minutes...Pick the pot up and feel how heavy it is after watering it thoroughly...Don't water it again until it feels considerably lighter and the top of the soil is light in color... Depending on plant types, sunlight exposure and pot size plants will need water at many different rates from once a day to once a month or more.

Hope this helps.
Rick in southern NJ  

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