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I have a ZeZe plant that is a little over two yrs. old.  I have some yellowing leaves now.  What is the proper way to water it starting over.  I was told when I got it about a 1/2 cup to a cup every 2 weeks.  I had one limb start falling down so I increased the water a little. Was this wrong?  The limbs are fine now, but I have yellowing leaves on two of them.  Yellowing around the edge of leaves.  Sorry I'm so inept.  What should I do?I


Yellow leaves on a ZZ plant can indicate too much or too little water. Without knowing what size pot it is in or how large the plant is it is hard to tell you exactly how much water to give it. It must be in a pot with a drain hole and a drain tray and you should give it enough water so most of the soil in the pot is lightly moist. If there is water in the drain tray empty it. You are not inept. This time of year many ZZ plants get a few yellow leaves. Just remove the individual leaves and the plant will eventually replace them. Do not water it until it has been dry for 2 weeks but them water it well and then empty the drain tray. Good luck!


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