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Kelli\'s Plant
Kelli's Plant  
I had a tropical plant given to me, I have nursed it back from almost death...but have no idea what kind of plant it is or the best lighting etc...and then these started growing out of it (see attached picture) I have had this plant for a year and have never seen it do this..please help me :)


Your plant is a Dracaena fragrans, commonly known at a corn plant and the thing growing out of it is a flower stalk. You are obviously doing something right because it is fairly uncommon for them to bloom. To keep it blooming every year you will need to keep it rootbound. It likes bright light but no direct sun, about 4 feet from a south facing window or near a north window is perfect.

You will find more care info at:

If you have more questions feel free to write again. Good luck!

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