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I recently purchased a Canela plant.  I live in Western NY and was told by the store attendant that I should transplant and water well.  I have done so, now some the leaves are yellow and dying in the center of the plant.
I have the plant in a west facing window. Plant is 5ft tall.


The store attendant gave you some wrong information. First I hope the plant was well wrapped for you to take it from the store to your car and that you took it straight home. It is a very sensitive tropical plant and if it was allowed to sit in a cold car that could have damaged it enough to cause the yellowing leaves.  Repotting it this time of year is also a no no. Tropical plants should not be transplanted until after April 1st when the days are longer and the roots are actively growing. This plant likes to be kept on the dry side so it should never sit in standing water. You should always empty the drain tray an hour after watering and you should not water it until the soil has felt dry for at least 5 days, it will still have moisture lower in the soil. Those yellow leaves are being caused by the plant being too wet. The sales person should not have told you to repot it this time of year or to water it heavily. I suggest you return the plant and ask for a different one if they have any healthy ones since it was their misinformation that damaged your plant. Good luck!


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