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House Plants/Castanospermum(Lucky Bean Plant)


My daughter bought this for me for Christmas- I love it!!! When I researched the plant , I found the beans are toxic to animals, kids,but my question is- the beans are now as big as a silver dollar- when I re-pot this should I remove them- and will they produce another plant? My plant has done so beautifully, it's bloomed another layer of branches and leaves above the original in just a short time. Please advise me on what may be done with them. I thank you for your time and love this site. Keep well, God bless. I don't have a picture yet.


What looks like 2 beans is actually 2 halves of 1 bean and the plant is still feeding off of them. They will gradually just shrivel and disappear. You can bury them a bit deeper when you repot it if you want or when they have shriveled down to navy bean size you can clip them off. They will not grow new plants. You may eventually be able to start new plants from cuttings of the original but I can't guarantee it because I have not tried it. Good luck!


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