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Do you know what this flower is? It bloomed last spring and after the blossom was finished, a new branch was formed.

Thanks, Tina


It is very hard to tell with only a picture of the flower. I really need to see a picture of the plant also. It could be some kind of orchid, it could be a Tigrida or it could be a neomarica. I will consult a friend with your picture and see if he knows. I do not believe that it is a house plant, it is probably a bulb. If you can send me a picture of the plant please do. I will let you know if Ed knows what it is. Good luck!


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QUESTION: Hi Darlene,
Here is a picture of the entire plant. See the branch from the blossom. I got this plant at a yard sale a couple of years ago and the person did not know what it was.

Thanks, Tina


I consulted my friend Ed and he determined that it is a type of Iris. I suspect it is a tropical iris such as Neomarica and Dietes and there are many other rarer ones but I have not been able to locate any thru Google or other search engines with flowers that look exactly like yours. Yours could be a hybrid of 2 kinds. It is lovely. You might try to locate an Iris hybridizer who might know more. It does look like it could stand to be divided into 2 smaller pots this spring. If you have more questions I will try to help! Good luck!


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