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I have had a beautiful ming for 2 years now, about 2 feet tall.  Recently its leaves started yellowing and dropping off.  I have not changed the watering, nor the location.  I noticed these brown blistery spots under the leaves, but don't see any moving bugs of any sort. Do you have any idea what is causing them, and the dying leaves?
Thank you.


I believe your Ming has a fungal infection. You can try spraying it every 3 days with Lysol Spray for a month or you can go to a garden center (or Lowes or Walmart) and look for a  fungicide. There are very few houseplant fungicides but a fungicide for roses would work. Apply it according to the instructions on the bottle. It will not be organic so you may want to set the plant in a large plastic bag to keep the overspray out of the air in your home.

When the weather has warmed enough to set your Ming outdoors it would improve it's health to put it outdoors in a sunny location and continue treating it for fungal infection periodically even if you do not see signs of fungus. By fall give it one last treatment and bring it in. Then do not treat it again unless you begin to see signs again. I have had Mings that I have had fungal problems with. If might help to also change the soil in June so the new soil does not have any fungal spores in it. Good luck!


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