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Question! I have my Peace Lily plants for about one year and half. but now for some reason they blooming they doing great but they needed to be re potted which I did from 4in to 6in pot but ever since they stop the growth of blooming I use the the all purpose soil Black gold which is great and all my plants are doing great but my Peace Lily's I live in NY I water ones a week and keep them 5 feet from a west window because I only have a West and East windows, can y7ou tell me what I`m doing wrong. P.S thanks Hope to hear from you soon

Hi Ricardo,

There are several factors that are needed to help Peace Lilies flower. First, they must be moderately potbound. Second, they must have lots of bright indirect light. Third, they have to be genetically programmed to bloom regularly.

Your Peace Lily may not flower again until the roots have filled the larger pot that it is now in. In general, repotting discourages flowering. However, it is possible that yours was finished flowering temporarily anyway. Peace Lilies do not flower constantly as they need to take rest breaks periodically.

West window light is good, but I suggest you move your Peace Lily a bit closer to the window - about 3-4 feet way.

All Peace Lilies sold today are hybrids. That means they are bred for certain characteristics such as leaf size or leaf color or flowering cycle. Peace Lilies sell best when they have lots of flowers at the time they reach the retailer. So Peace Lily growers develop plants that flower profusely at point-of-sale. Unfortunately, this often weakens the plant's ability to flower in the future. That means yours will probably never flower as profusely as it did when you bought it. But this is a genetic issue and you have no control over it.

So be patient, as your plant fills the pot with roots, provide a bit more light and keep your fingers crossed. That's all you can do.

Good luck!

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